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Content Marketing

Truth be told, many of your online prospects never intended to find your website or content. But that doesn’t mean that when your content can provide useful knowledge or guidance, you have an increased opportunity to gain new, loyal customers.

This is why blog posts primarily reside in the Awareness stage of an online consumer’s lifecycle; they’re designed to catch your readers as they’re using search engines. They work best when they are answering questions that potential customers tend to ask, provide helpful guidance to a common industry problem, or even leverage your business’ unique perspective on industry trends.

Here are some questions whose answers will guide you to the best content marketing blog post ideas for your brand:

What questions do your customers have?

Consider the types of questions you often get from your customers. Are there any commonalities? These problems present immediate opportunity to reel in new users and capture more quality leads. When you can answer these questions, you’re building trust in your expertise. When the solutions to those problems align with your company’s products and/or services, then you’ve found a gold mine.

In order to make sure you’re answering not just the right questions, but using the right language in your blogs to do so, it’s critical to make use of an SEO tool, like a keyword planner, to get information about the keywords and questions your best customers are searching for online.

Any industry news trends popping up?

Keeping up-to-date on industry news is a fantastic way to source content marketing blog topics. If there’s news hitting Twitter’s trending list for your industry, then you better believe you have an opportunity to pull in some readers who are interested in learning more. If you can provide thought-provoking and unique reflections on recent news, then you’re likely to gain favor from those listening.

This is about building trust, brand recognition, and ensuring that your brand stays relevant and up-to-date with the industry.

How can you help your customers right now?

This may seem more far-out than the last two sections, but when you consider how your customers engage with you and find value in your business, then you’ll find blog post inspiration to take to the digital masses.

How-to guides, step-by-step walkthroughs, and educational content can all serve an immediate purpose for your audiences and give you a leg-up once they’ve seen your content. Make it count! Offer unique perspectives and tips that can help consumers differentiate you from your competition.

Topics like this are a real double dip, because they offer immediate added value you can share with existing customers while you continue to broaden your Awareness net on search engines.

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