Millions of niche searches are conducted every day. What is the chance of searcher landing directly over your site and not thousands of other service providers? One to thousands. It does feel good to have a slice of a bigger pie, but sometimes it is better to stick to the locality and the niche. The idea of making a business grow from locality seems slow but that is how brands are made – slowly. Although we do offer full-scale SEO services, in some cases, it is best to keep it short and sweet. Businesses that are small and medium scale benefit more from local SEO than full scale SEO on global scale.

SERPdrift’s Local SEO Strategy includes:

  • Research of keywords best suited to your local business
  • Easy to navigate layout of website
  • Continuous tweaking of content and website in compliance with Google’s latest algorithms
  • Continuous monitoring of traffic
  • Social media marketing to promote product among locals
  • Healthy link building
Local searchers scour the internet, mostly with a mind to purchase. We track what people look for and monitor customers’ queries. Then we align your terms with them so they get more likely to land on your site. With our local SEO, everything’s on target and there is no wastage of time or monetary resource on unwanted audience from other corner of the world. Get noted locally – today!

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