There are mountains of information available online. One would think that it is simply a question of reading as much of this information as possible when it comes to successful SEO strategies isnt it?

But a lot of marketers continue to make some common SEO mistakes that result in their websites disappearing without a trace when it comes to visibility on search engine rankings and lists.

So it is easy enough to state that not reading the information and applying the same is one of the biggest mistakes out there in search engine optimization!But here are 5 of the most common mistakes – so you can avoid the same.

  1. Choosing the wrong key-phrases and keywords

There are many tools that can help you find all possible keywords and keyphrases for your website. You have to pay attention to the popularity of such keywords and keyphrases too. Here is the mistake that marketers make. For instance, if you sell sportswear online and you find that the following keywords are popular:

  • Men’s sportswear
  • Sportswear women
  • Running shoes
  • Gym clothes

You can rest assured that your competitor has got the same results too. So you should then look for key phrases which could be:

  • Men’s sportswear for swimming
  • Sportswear for running for plus-sized women
  • Lightweight running shoes for pronated feet
  • Odor-free gym clothes.

Ascertain whether you have products that fit these descriptions and then incorporate the key phrases.

2. Omitting local search

Is your business location bound? If your answer is yes, then you should invest in local search. For instance, do you have a fresh food delivery business that promises delivery of organic produce with city limits? If you have forgotten to focus on this “location” based aspect of your business then your SEO efforts, however great they may be will fail miserably.

So if your food delivery service, for example, can cover certain areas of Minnesota, then why not look for Duluth SEO companies that services to you which:

  • Will include region-specific keywords in your content.
  • Ensure that your website with local address and phone number is showing up in search engine results.
  • Will help socialize your Sydney presence in sites such as Yelp, Google Places and local business directories.

3. Forgetting to curtsy to royalty 

Think of the phrase – ‘content is king’. Now think of it again and curtsy to it as if it were true royalty! Marketers very often overlook this SEO practice perhaps because this item is first on everybody’s list. Everybody talks of quality content but very few are willing to pay for it or invest time to create it.

Duplicate content, poor writing, content stuffed meaninglessly with keywords and boring content are, unfortunately, easy to create and website owners think that it will not matter as long as they have keywords covered. Article spinning software and poor writers are going to drag your website into the graveyard of forgotten online presences. It is essential to craft content that is link-worthy.

4. Going for quantity rather than quality links

Speaking of links – here is an example of a common SEO mistake– sitelinks. Google your brand or product and you will see your website appearing. Now cast your eyes below the website and you will see blue links that detail portions of your site. What are these links?

Are they interesting enough for people to be drawn into your website? For example, if you offer software security products for websites, do your sitelinks point to your ‘certifications’ more than once – if yes, then it is a waste of space.

Broken and bad links are huge mistakes. Comb through your site regularly to check the quality of links that are there. If you are asking people to click “here” to point them to some other content then that link should be active and should take the visitor to the intended destination.

5. Overlooking page titles and Meta tag descriptions

Marketers often use CMS or content management systems. Some of these CMS generate page titles automatically. Which in itself is a great support but the one mistake that you can make is to go with these auto-created titles. You have to check them out to see whether they are unique or not. Each page title has to be unique. It is a common mistake to overlook these page titles but then the result of this mistake is that search engine crawlers will not index it correctly.

Meta descriptions have to be interesting. Spend as much time as needed on these Meta descriptions which in effect, function as your website’s marketing pitch. In fact, you should employ your best content writer to write Meta descriptions too.

Thus, knowing the list of common SEO mistakes will certainly go a long way in helping you avoid the same. Making a ‘to do’ list when it comes to search engine optimization should be standard practice in order to avoid pitfalls.

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